"No-nose angry face" ! ( this was before we ate… )  View high resolution

"No-nose angry face" ! ( this was before we ate… ) 

Yura Yura Teikoku

FINALLY found a Japanese Band i can stand listening to… Even though i had my Polysics phase, Yura Yura Teikoku is super catchy and sweet trio. I don’t speak japanese but i find myself singing along. Its sortof a Japanese version of “Phoenix”,SORTOF!

Except stranger, more hypnotizing, and more saxophone. These guys have been around for something like 20 years, took me this long to find them…that’s how  underground they are.


" Aaltra" :One of the darkest comedies I’ve ever seen.

A movie about assholes in wheel chairs.I felt bad for laughing, but i laughed. Alot. So slip on your footie pyjamas, and prepare yourself for a visual delight ( and your morning confessional).

I miss Paris

I’ve fallen in love with the superstitious, capricious, “femme-enfant” that is Agnes Varda’s heroine in “Cléo de 5 à 7”. A little new wave, a little romantic. Cheers to a marvelous female film maker. This film will certainly please you if you are a fan of the more mainstream Sophia Coppola.

You’ll get your fill of parisian scenerary, and you’ll wish you lived in Cleo’s swanky artist loft. RENT IT.

John Waters : “The Pope of Trash”

If you haven’t see a John Waters film, you should most definitely run to the video store and rent Pink Flamingos. Caution though, it isn’t for the weak-hearted or those who lack a sense of humor or those who may have a problem with seeing genitals or those who aren’t comfortable with bestiality or those who may gag if they saw some one handling feces… etc etc

The characters are with out a doubt the filthiest people alive and they’ll be having you ask for more.

Many remixes out there on the web, but this one is just so catchy…

you tell her whats up little man!

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